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Your Competition as a Photographer is not who you Think It Is

As May marches on, we get to be a witness to the celebrations surrounding moms, graduates, families, and friends. There is so much to capture, to share, and to enjoy.

Before the summer holidays are upon us, though, have you thought about how you’re going to maximize your time?  How are you going to fill your well?  What will you do for yourself today that your future self will thank you for?

East Coast School is the answer.

It’s true; East Coast School is the answer, friends. There is something for every photographer at every stage on their journey. Consider the class that Master Photographer Dave Davies is teaching, “F-Stop: Back to the Basics.” This refresher course is for everyone who is ready for a reset. It’s about checking your foundation, reinforcing it for strength, and growing, building, and thriving as a photographer in any setting.

You may think, “I’m good” or it sounds basic, and what Dave teaches is more than camera operations. It is the workflow that sets you up for success so you really can work smarter and not harder. Picking up a camera and capturing your subject is only a part of the early stages of that workflow.  What happens next to ensure you are thriving, not just surviving with a camera?

Manage the Unmanageable with your Digital Images

Dave shares his system of efficiency to move megabytes from your camera to … SHAZAM! … wall art! “This can be a repeatable process that allows you to know exactly where every client asset is at any time,” says Dave.

Today, digital photography allows users to create more images than ever before. Can you find what you need when you need it, though? In this class, Dave will share his process of how he works with maximum efficiency in Lightroom. This includes how to set up a library, go over presets, import files, explore processing, and then export to Photoshop. Boom… goes the dynamite! 

The Photographer you are in competition with is who you were yesterday

This may sound like a class on basics, but when we look at the professionals: athletes, dancers, musicians, and writers, you may notice that those at the top of their game are relentless in their pursuit of fine-tuning the fundamentals.

Dave has been working in the photo industry for over forty years, and he knows that the camera needs to be an extension of your eyes.  Are your basics locked in so that your workflow works for you?  If you are hesitant with your answer, consider signing up for East Coast School today. Meet Dave Davies, ask your questions, and I guarantee you’ll get your questions answered and you’ll learn some new things.

Being a photographer means honing our instinct for what works, shedding what doesn’t, and being a better photographer than we were yesterday. Your competition is not your competition. You are in competition with yourself to be better than you were yesterday. Let the top-notch instructors at East Coast School help you to be the best version of yourself.

Take better care of yourself by investing in yourself today. Join us at East Coast School.

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