Brice Langston

 Introductory to the Use of Beauty Dishes for Portraits and Headshots

About Speaker

My photography began from my teenage years studying au premier coup painting style, and my responsibilities that involved light and electron microscopy which began in 1999 in college and 2004 in my engineering career. In 2009 I began utilizing a low magnification microscope using a DSLR camera body to capture images and a variety of lighting to improve sample contrast. Starting in 2010 I began training to further my photograph skills. I began photographing musicians early 2013 and by 2014 I was active in commercial fashion photography and providing headshots for working professionals. At the end of 2018, I moved from Harleysville Pennsylvania to Raleigh NC where I have continued to provide commercial photography and headshots. I am also an affiliated photographer and digital retouch artists for NILMDTS.

What you'll learn

This program will introduce beauty dishes for various photography business genres including headshots and full portraits. This course will cover how beauty dishes modify light, how to properly position a beauty dish, and the safety considerations regarding overhead lighting. Typical camera settings, light settings, light patterns, and subject posing topics are included in this seminar. Remaining sections will cover when/why to incorporate a beauty dish in your modifier ‘tool box and how to select a dish that best suits a photographers’ needs. Hands on portrait exercises are included.