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Claire Archer

Creating artwork with your client utilizing AI 

Claire Archer AI Workshop

About Speaker

Claire Archer’s journey into photography is truly inspiring. Starting as a self-taught bird photographer using her daughter’s Nikon D7100, she epitomizes the spirit of lifelong learning and adaptation. Initially relying on the Auto-Setting, her passion for technology drove her to utilize various resources for learning more: books, manuals, YouTube videos, and photography clubs. This allowed her to master the intricate details of photography, including the exposure triangle and Manual mode, essential for capturing the dynamic and challenging subject of birds. Her evolution as a photographer didn’t stop there. Driven by her “I CAN LEARN THIS” mindset and a natural curiosity in technology, Claire delved into Lighting and Portraiture. This new venture expanded her skill set and opened up a new realm of creative possibilities, enabling her to create beautiful and expressive photos for clients. Claire plans on completing her CPP and her merits needed for a Craftsman degree in 2024! Goals!


What you'll learn

Are you experiencing FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) on the AI revolution but find yourself short on time to delve into the intricacies? Join me for a comprehensive class in the midst of our journey through the fascinating intersection of photography and AI.

This session is designed to swiftly bring you up to speed on the fundamentals of AI, offering insights into best practices and techniques for effective implementation. We will also explore strategic considerations, guiding you on where to invest your AI resources wisely. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a solid understanding of AI’s relevance to photography and make informed decisions on maximizing your AI investments.

I want to mention that while I may not be the most seasoned photographer, I’ve invested a considerable amount of time in delving into the realm of AI. I’ve taken workshops led by experts like Scott Detweiler and Chris Fritchie, participated in AI classes at ImagingUSA, engaged in conversations with Julianne Kost, and dedicated time to independent research. Although anyone can grasp these concepts, I’ve devoted significant effort to staying abreast of developments and understanding them. I’m more than willing to share the knowledge I’ve gained with fellow photographers.