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Three Pieces of Equipment for a Successful Wildlife Shoot

Photo of owl by Karen Doody at the Wild Doody
(c) The Wild Doody

When Karen Doody of the Wild Doody presented at PPNC’s Central Seminar, she shared a wealth of information, helpful tidbits, knowledgeable how-tos, and great equipment suggestions. Here are three pieces of equipment she uses in her wildlife set-ups:

Magnus GH-M1 Gimbal Head

Want a steady shot and a long exposure? Use this.

From the Magnus Tripod website, they share why this is so important: “Whether you’re shooting wildlife or sports, the Magnus GH-M1 gimbal-type tripod head ensures that you can quickly aim and shoot your subject, even with a heavy or unwieldy lens. When you balance a large or heavy lens along its vertical and horizontal axes, you can quickly tilt or swivel it for fast and effortless aiming. And your lens will remain securely in place once it’s positioned. The GH-M1 mounts onto most tripods with a 3/8-16 threaded stud, and it’s a great tool for capturing those moments that you’d miss with a handheld camera. The GH-M1 is engineered with a sturdy curved aluminum main arm that supports up to 30 pounds, yet it balances the load so even a large lens feels weightless.”

Image from Magnus Tripods

LOOGU Camouflage Netting, Tactical Mesh Net Camo Scarf for Outdoor Activities 

Something you may not know about North Carolina… it’s buggy here. Suuuper buggy, and this LOOGU scarf is the perfect camo cover for you when you want to get out to photograph and *don’t* want to spend all your time swatting bugs away.

Made of 65% Polyester and 35% cotton material, this is soft, breathable, and well constructed, giving you a very comfortable and cool, cool experience. It’s ultra-lite and easy to pack. The dimensions measure 76″ x 36″ (L x W), and the size is perfect for quick cover-up. The material is strong but not scratchy or stiff.

Image from Pinterest

LensCoat LensSack Beanbag Camera Support (Digital Camo) 

Need a little extra support in the field? Look no further than this beanbag camera support. The LensCoat LensSack stabilizes your camera on uneven surfaces, like the ground, your vehicle, and yes – even tree limbs!

Image from B&H Photo Video

Use it by laying it flat to support a longer lens, or folding it in half to provide additional height. Constructed from water-resistant Cordura in digital camo, a non-slip grip material covers the entire bottom surface, as well as the gusseted edges, to minimize unwanted movement. You can secure your camera one step further with the four d-ring attachment points allowing performance in the most rugged environments.

The LensSack comes to you unfilled, allowing you to choose poly pellets, dried beans, or even sand and dirt found on location. The YKK locking zipper withstands harsh elements, keeping the fill of your choice from leaking. A built-in adjustable strap doubles as a carry handle for added convenience when transporting in the field.


Thank you to the Wild Doody for sharing these gems based on her own wildlife shooting experience. Are you interested in learning more or taking a wildlife class? Contact Karen Doody today!

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