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Our Mission + Credits + Degrees = Dynamic Photographers

Did you know The Professional Photographers of North Carolina (PPNC) is one of the nation’s largest associations of professional photographers, offering our members seminars, professional photographic schools, as well as some of the best networking opportunities in the country? Our organization is made up of three (3) regions (Eastern, Central, and Western), each of which represents approximately 1/3 of the geographically contiguous PPNC members. Each region hosts a two-day seminar each year, with nationally-known, as well as regional and local speakers.

Our Mission

Our mission is dedicated to advancing photographic imaging as an art, as well as a profession. We do that by innovating and collaborating within our community of creatives. We also reward the work of the people in our org who are showing up and for the art, the profession, and one another.

PPNC Degree Program

Our association’s degree program was established to provide:
● Recognition for service to the association
● Recognition of the accomplishments of those who achieve merit scores and awards in print competitions
● Opportunities to promote personal publicity for the members of the association
● Encouragement for members to continue to be active in the association
● Elevation of the profession of photography in the eyes of the public
● Incentive for non-members to join the association
● Incentive to serve the association in its offices and work
● Public relations opportunities for the association

PPNC Credits

Credits are earned by individuals for service, for education and for earning merit scores and awards in print competition within the Professional Photographers of America and affiliates network. Credits and degrees that are awarded remain valid for the lifetime of the member.

Professional Photographers of North Carolina: Degree Recipients

Without further ado, we’d like to recognize our members who received their Associate Fellow of Photography degree, their Fellow of Photography degree, or both their Associate Fellow *and* their Fellow degree.

2023 Associate Fellow of Photography Degree

Anthony Beasley
Karen Bullard
Kevin Cashman
Leah Custer
Luna Das
Alice Kerrigan
Brice Langston
Judy Reinford
Toni Shaw
Gloria Spinks
Anthony Torres
Gail van Matre
Jeff Wenzell
January Williamson

2023 Fellow of Photography Degree

Brenda Brinson
Annie Kimura
Doug Mall
Kimberly Moore
John Perea

2023 Associate Fellow of Photography Degree AND Fellow of Photography Degree

Kristine Cheuvront

Nic Davidson

Tetiana Kostenko

Steve Melamed

Michelle Oates

Julia Pollex

Gold Chevron

And then there is the gold chevron…proving there is no end to learning, serving, doing, and thriving in this dynamic organization.

A Gold Chevron is received for additional credits that are earned after each photographer earns the Fellowship of Photography Degree. Congratulations go out to:

1st Chevron

Terrance Carter
Nic Davidson
Cecil Hudgins
Gary Jones

1st and 2nd Chevrons

Barbara Bell
Marsha Hunter

1st, 2nd, and 3rd Chevrons

Ralph Hunter

2nd and 3rd Chevrons

Lisa Thompson

3rd Chevron

Mardy Murphy
Jeannie Thomson

3rd and 4th Chevrons

Dajuan Jones
Jeff Poole

4th Chevron

Sally Lumpkin

4th and 5th Chevrons

Lori Poole

4th, 5th, and 6th Chevrons

Darren Thompson
Ellis Williamson

6th and 7th Chevrons

Carolyn Temple

7th Chevron

Peggy Rogerson

8th Chevron

Lisa Carter

8th and 9th Chevrons

George Joell

11th and 12th Chevrons

Tom McCabe

14th and 15th Chevrons

Chris Richman

15th Chevron

Adrian Henson

15th and 16th Chevrons

Fuller Royal

Congratulations to all our members! What you do every day to further the art and the profession of photography and imaging matters, and we’re grateful for your work, your energy, and your enthusiasm.

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