Julia Smith Pollex | October 15, 2023
1:00 pm - 6 :00 pm

Shoot Social at the Barn! Shoot socials are the only event that we offer where you can bring a non PPNC member friend with you to introduce them to our group! 

About Julia

I have loved being a mother and I wish I could remember every moment. When I look through photo albums, so many of those moments come back to me like they were yesterday. This is why I love photography.

When I was an obstetrical nurse, I loved looking at the photos taken by the hospital photographer (those typical incubator mug shots) and I would tell my co-workers that someday I would be living my dream job photographing newborns.

I have been a professional photographer for over 15 years, but finally, in 2014 I decided to exclusively specialize in maternity, newborns, babies, and children, and now birth as well. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my job.

I used to take my children for professional portraits often when they were young. Since I was in a college photography program, I loved watching them work with my daughters.

My favorite photographer, who until I moved away from Michigan became my only photographer, not only gave me beautifully styled and executed images but made the entire experience personal and extraordinarily special. I enjoyed the portrait session and ordering session as much as I loved the images. I never felt like a number, I felt like family, I felt valued. That has always been my goal with my own business – I want my clients to feel this way too.




Description of Shoot Social

Join us for a unique hands-on  photography experience where you will be photographing horses, portraits of people with horses, and non-horse farm-related portraits. I will have horse people here to help hold horses etc. Food and alcoholic beverages throughout the day.

I will have “models” – hoping to have a family with kids, great for portraits with the mini-ponies, donkey, and highland cow (but whose hair is so matted it’s embarrassing.) I’ll have some gowns here for models* to wear for portraits, but no hair/MUA. I have a couple of tween aged kids possibly bringing their ponies, possibly a family of young kids for portraits.

Photos can be done in hay barn, with tractor. Unfortunately pond is empty, it’s being repaired. It does look like the surface of the moon right now which could be interesting. 

This get together is unstructured except for the hour or so of horses jumping in the riding ring. I will do some teaching at that point, ie best angles for shooting over jumps, what you’re looking for in a good jump shot, etc. I’ll have reflectors, and limited lighting equipment available. It is recommended that you bring your own lighting gear/reflectors. This location is a working farm, don’t wear your Sunday best outfit. Wear shoes that will protect your feet (no sandals) and that you don’t care about getting dirty. Save the Manolo Blahniks and Jimmy Choos for another time..

I’m fine if people want to bring their own families. You have to sign a form that says you won’t tell anyone how dirty the storage side of my barn is!

*models are not professional, although one used to model for NASCAR.

Shoot socials are the one event that we offer which we allow non-members to attend so invite a friend! Introduce them to PPNC! You must register and add your guest as an additional registration when you sign up.

The address is: 6405 Hudson Chapel Road, Catawba, NC 28609. Gate code will be emailed to you closer to the event.