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January Williamson | January 20, 2024

Compositing start to finish

About January

Located in Asheboro, January went from a hobbiest in 2017, to a full time photographer in 2021 and she credits PPNC and its amazing members for helping her grow abundantly these last few years. 

She has learned techniques for this class from PPNC’s own talented Jeff Wenzel, and the amazing Josh Hannah. She doesn’t claim to know everything, but she is happy to share what she does to help others gain new skills. 
Basically, “I’m a nobody that has taken classes and practiced on learning how to do this technique, and I just want to help my friends and community.” – January 




What you'll learn

In this small group you will learn how to light, extract, design & finalize a composite image. You will want to bring your camera, 24-70 lens (or equivalent), a Godox trigger, laptop & a way of taking notes.

You will need to make sure your LR Classic or Camera Raw and Photoshop are all up to date the night before. If you have a Wacom Tablet, I
would suggest bringing that. (if you need help setting it up, I can TRY to help you set that up – no promises)

Spaces are limited as my studio is small and I want everyone to leave with an understanding on what they learned. 
You will learn how to create your own background, but I will also provide a couple of templets for everyone to choose from. 

Studio address is 1587 Pine Hill Road, Asheboro, NC 27205. Class is from 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. with a lunch break of 1 hour.