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January Williamson | May 17, 2024
9:45 am - 11:00 am and beyond

North Carolina Zoo bus tour and day at the zoo

North Carolina Zoo bus tour and day at the zoo

Jannie Thompson - photographer

About Jeannie

I have been a proud member of PPNC for over 20 years and look forward to meeting you! I am fortunate to be the mom of a teenager, and I am not even saying that tongue in cheek. I am also the fur mom of two huskies who keep me on my toes vacuuming up dog hair multiple times a day. I am also the wife to a man who has a strong dislike for my cooking.  

My credentials in the camera room are, fortunately, better than in the kitchen. I have been a Certified Professional Photographer since 2016 and will have earned my Masters of Photography as of January 2023. I am currently the Treasurer for PPNC

Description of Shoot Social

Organizer: January Williamson

Friday, May 17  

Meet at Junction Plaza between 9:30 & 9:40

North Carolina Zoo
4401 Zoo Parkway
Asheboro, NC 27205
Event Start & End Times:
Starts: 9:45
Ends: Technically the bus tour ends at 11, but from what I know, mostly everyone is planning on staying the majority of the day to walk around and photograph other zoo animals. 

Ride in a specially outfitted, open-air vehicle for an exclusive tour of the 40-acre Watani Grasslands!  An experienced zoo educator will introduce you to nine species—nearly 100 animals! Discover rhinoceroses, gazelles, greater kudus, ostriches and many exotic antelope. Guests may even get a special view of the elephants!

After the bus tour, please plan on staying with the group as we explore more of the zoo and its many animals. 
There are a couple of exhibits you are welcome to do for an extra cost, but are not mandatory. (butterfly garden exhibit and the giraffe feeding deck)
We will plan on eating lunch at one of the restaurants and you are welcome to stay as long as you desire. The park closes at 5, so please keep that in mind if you are planning on staying all day. 
Extra Info: 
Everyone who has registered has paid their tour fee, but they need to purchase their zoo entry fee if they are not members. 
https://tickets.nczoo.org – to purchase tickets online. (Please remember that ticket prices are an extra $2 when purchased at the ticket booth at the park)

Parking is free at both parking lots. (I will be parking in the Africa parking lot, but you are welcome to park in either lot)

Electric Car Charging Stations:
Electric car charging stations are available at two locations in the North American parking lot. In front of the Stedman Education Center & near the Solar Pointe picnic shelter. Available on a first come, first serve basis.

You can also ask for a paper map at the ticket booth at either entrance. 

Zoo Guidlines:

Please visit the link if you are not familiar with the zoo’s policies. 

Things to know:

Bring your signed waiver with you to Junction Plaza where we check in as a group for the tour. 
If you still need the waiver, please follow this link to download and print it.
Cell & wifi service can be spotty if not non-existent inside the zoo.
Please download the map, or ask for a paper copy at the ticket booth if you are not familiar with the layout of the zoo. 
If you miss check in time at 9:45, we can not wait on you. Please plan to be there at 9:30 so you have time to turn in your waiver, use the restroom or prep your gear for the tour. 
I posted a video in the group chat for those who may need a visual. 
My suggestion would be to take the tram from whichever entrance you arrived at instead of walking to Junction Plaza. The tram runs about every 15 minutes during the summer hours, but I would plan on getting on around 9:15, so that way you arrive before the 9:45 cut off time. 
Please remember that our zoo is the largest outdoor zoo in the world, so whatever you bring, you will be responsible for carrying throughout the day. 
For the tour and the majority of the zoo, I feel a 70-200 or equivalent will be just fine. You are welcome to bring a longer lens if you wish. 
If you are planning on going into the butterfly garden or the desert, you will probably want something around the 50mm range. They have smaller areas where backing up isn’t always an option.