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How will you be a better photographer this year? Take a PPNC Academy class to find out.

Y’all… it is February!

I love to get to this point in a new year. Six weeks in. All those hopes and goals we made just a few weeks’ back? We get to see which ones we want to keep, change, or ditch. We get to consider what we want the year ahead to look like, and if you are the passionate photographer and lifelong learner that I know you are, you are in the right place.

The Professional Photographers of North Carolina believe in providing outstanding educational opportunities for every photographer; members and non-members of every genre can find something dynamic in our organization.

If you look up the definition of the word ‘academy,’ it may not surprise you to find out that it is a ‘school for special instruction or training in a subject.’ What may surprise you is how much you’ll learn, build, and grow as a photographer when you attend one of PPNC’s Academy classes. These supercharged one-day classes are typically held the day before Caroline Photo Expo, the largest photography conference in North Carolina.

Every year, the Academy classes are different, allowing a deep dive into a specific topic. They can be hands-on, active learning, lecture-based, or a combination of the two. Regardless of the format, you are sure to walk away with a wealth of knowledge.  We’re excited to announce this year’s academy classes!

If Volume Headshot is your jam and you want to tweak your process, you need to know that Gary Hughes will be onsite to share his dynamic process to book all the headshots all day long. His master class is also for those who want to enter the volume headshot space.

Gary Hughes workshop

Do you struggle with Photoshop and wish it was fun and accessible? Consider Unmesh Dinda. His Academy class, “Demystifying Photoshop for Photographers: Start to Finish & Beyond” is here to set you up for success. This passionate Photoshop instructor and content creator runs a popular YouTube channel, “PiXimperfect,” which is dedicated to simplifying Photoshop techniques, educating creatives, and deep-diving into the art of post-processing.

Unmesh Dinda, Photoshop workshop, North Carolina, PixImperfect

If you’re looking to continue your own work on  the craft of posing, consider joining Susan Eckert for her boudoir class “Storytelling through Purposeful Posing.”  Fun fact: Did you know Eckert was featured in Newsday as the first boudoir photography studio on Long Island in New York with her mission of “Illuminating the Power of the Feminine.” 

Susan Eckert Boudoir Photographer Professional Photographers of NC

Every step of Susan Eckert’s process is designed to empower her clients through the high-end photography experience that she provides. Working with a seasoned professional in the boudoir space means that you expand your network with the kind of knowledge – and coaching – that can set you up for success.

If you feel like you need to flex your creative muscles, consider more than what your camera captures. Consider marketing yourself by partnering with the fabulous Crystal Waddell. Her Academy class “Build Your Authority with Content and SEO” will make your content skills sing! She works to help others understand the technical details of their website, and she is on a mission to help 1000 entrepreneurs bring their content back home from social media and optimize it for their domain.

Sound complicated?  The way Waddell teaches will bring these concepts home in an easy-to-understand format for you to adopt growth practices quickly. SEO may be a long game; doesn’t it make sense to learn from someone who has figured out the tech specs and is committed to sharing her knowledge so that you can be a success?  

Which Academy class are you signing up for? 

Sign up today. They fill up fast, and you do not want to miss out on these dynamic photography educators.

Hold these dates in your calendar and sign up today for your Academy class:

  • July 18th and 19th, 2024 for Unmesh Dinda’s class
  • July 19th, 2024 for all other Academy classes

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