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Distinguished Former Presidents

Professional Photographers of North Carolina (PPNC) is privileged to count among its ranks some of the nation’s most talented and dedicated Past Presidents who have played pivotal roles in our organization. Their selfless contributions have been instrumental in orchestrating exceptional educational events such as our state convention, Carolina Photo Expo, East Coast School of Photography, our four day deep dive into one subject with one instructor, and our three seminars, Western, Eastern and Central, enriching the experiences of our members. Their behind-the-scenes dedication is truly invaluable, and we deeply appreciate each past president’s enduring impact.

At PPNC, we curate events featuring renowned industry speakers and instructors, many of whom are prominent figures on the Imaging USA, WPPI, SYNC, Shutterfest, and other esteemed educational circuits. This meticulous coordination ensures that our members consistently receive unparalleled educational and networking opportunities. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our past presidents for their steadfast commitment to PPNC and its continued prosperity. Their unwavering dedication serves as an inspiration to the entire industry with roots that date back to 1925 for our organization! 

History of PPNC:  We began as as the North Carolina Photographers Association in 1925. In 1946 we incorporated. In 1961 we changed our name to Professional Photographers of North Carolina.  PPNC Summer School was held June 24-26, 1957. In 1959 PPA council agreed to award merits to attendees in what appears to have spawned the first PPA Affiliate School System. The school was eventually renamed East Coast School of Photography and is run by PPNC.

1925 Gonville DeOvies  
1925 Ben Matthews 
1926 L. Davis Phillips 
1927 Ray W. Goodrich 
1928 Noel Patton
1929 Ben Stimpson 
1930-1932 None 
1933 L. Davis Phillips 
1934 A. A. Clement 
1935 Leonard Cook 
1936 A. F. Harrell 
1937 Henry A. Flynt 
1938 L. B. Throckmorton 
1939 R. W. Barnett 
1940 B. A. Culberson 
1941 John Frisby 
1942 None 
1943 A. F. Barber 
1944 A. F. Barber 
1945 A. F. Barber 
1946 William Moore 
1947 H. Lee Waters 
1948 Alton P. Baker 
1949 Don Barber 
1950 H. Theo Lewis 
1951 V. D. “Duke” Sanchez 
1952 Robert Hodgkin, Jr. 
1953 Tim Hord 
1954 James Torrence 
1955 Julian E. Vann 
1956 Ed T. Simons 
1957 Homer Ball 
1958 David Gelbach 
1959 Charles Kraft 
1960 Francis Johnson 
1961 Don Frazier 
1962 Dorothy Hooks 
1963 Burnie Batchelor 
1964 Robert Aiken, Jr. 
1965 Sue Sample 
1966 Vernon Keen 
1967 Preston Brown 
1968 Heulon Dean 
1969 Carol W. Martin
1970 Hazen Keyser 
1971 Pete Comer 
1972 Ray Rouser 
1973 Shirley Fonville 
1974 John M. Lewis 
1975 Colbert Howell 
1976 Florence Orr  

1977 Dean Craddock 
1978 Guy Cox 
1979 Hal Tysinger 
1980 Jerry Hedspeth 
1981 Sam Gray 
1982 Lane Atkinson 
1983 Jack Nelson 
1984 LaMont DeBruhl 
1985 Darrell Byerly 
1986 Nancy Owen 
1987 Bill Reaves 
1988 Andy Hern 
1989 Terry B. Jones 
1990 Ed Jordan 
1991 Bob Boyd 
1992 Jim Foreman 
1993 Mickey Chambers 
1994 Toby Hardister 
1995 Rick Gibbons 
1996 David Hooks 
1997 Bill Goode 
1998 Larry Yow 
1999 Joy Batchelor King 
2000 Charles Strowd 
2001 Bob Henderson 
2002 Janet Boschker 
2003 Ken Tart 
2004 Kenny Barnes 
2005 Cassie Stone 
2006 Doug Peninger 
2007 Michael Brantley 
2008 Chuck Hardison 
2009 Rex Truell 
2010 Sherry Whitt 
2011 Karen Goforth 
2012 Paul Winger 
2013 Bruce Williamson
2014 Ellis Williamson 
2015 RoseMary Cheek 
2016 Ned Winn 
2017 Craig York 
2018 Dannie Daniel 
2019 Chris Garner
2020 George Joell III
2021 Tom McCabe 
2022 Aurora DeLuca 
2023 Dajuan Jones 



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