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Tommy White

The Art of Creation

About Speaker

I am a fine art landscape photographer based in the mountains of Western North Carolina. I began my journey years back around the age of 14 when my parents gave me my first Canon AE-1. Years later, I was working for a local outfitter and at that point in my life, my love for the outdoors collided with my passion for photography. In the years to come, I was to become a well known Photography Guide in Western North Carolina.

My Photography Workshop business is “Mountains to Sea Photography Workshops.” A side business that has grown over the last 14 years into a full time profession. Taking folks beyond the typical overlooks and showing them how to be conservation minded as well as have a great adventurous fun, while capturing stunning images at the same time! Landscape Photography continues to be a huge passion for me and I am now able to share what I have learned with others, both aspiring and advanced photographers from all over the world!



What you'll learn

We will cover the ins and out’s of Landscape Photography. Everything from learning the camera to shooting in low light in the landscape. We will also take a look into depth and dimension while exploring the different ways to bring home a well-composed image that is in focus and has a solid visual path.

We will also explore the use of time and how it can have a dramatic effect on moving objects such as clouds and water. The main focus on the beachfront is the moving water and we will be looking at all of the intricacies of shutter speed and how to capture beautiful movement, harmony, and flow. Beautiful skies and reflections will also be something that we will be seeking out and how to best capture them in both real-time and long exposures.  We’ll also be learning how to capture the correct exposures and focus and how to use those images to create your final piece.

In between our outings, we will dive into the editing side of things. How to choose the most compelling composition with the correct shutter speed, while adding elements such as lines and shapes to enhance the visual flow of the image, giving it depth and purpose.

Building emotion and feeling into your image is something of a visionary process. We will discover what it takes to make that work for you and how you can take an ordinary image and transform it into a work of art. This course will dive in a little beyond the basics to give you insight into making incredible landscape images that not only show beautiful scenery but have mood and purpose, as well as meaning that leads to your fantastic story.”