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Volunteer at East Coast School Application deadline November 15, 2023

Preparing for East Coast School requires quite a bit of work.  In the year prior to each event, volunteers are needed to help with design, planning, marketing, location scouting, arranging models, and more.  The week of the event is amazing however without the help of volunteers it would be impossible to keep things running smoothly.  Volunteers are responsible for set up, break down and assisting speakers during the event.  

A volunteer is assigned to each speaker to help with any day to day needs they may have.  Of course, during the class volunteers can participate in any hands on or learning activities should the opportunity arise. 

You MUST be available all day Sunday and able to pick up your instructor from the airport.  You MUST also be available after class ends on the last day to break down as well as the day following to drop your instructor off at the airport.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  If you fail to meet any of the assigned duties, registration will be due the day of the event if space is available. If you have been a class assistant over the past 3 years, you do not qualify to apply.

Volunteers receive their registration at no charge and receive up to 3 PPA service merits.  You will be financially responsible for your hotel room. Again, volunteers must be available for the entire event, be an active PPNC member, and have a vehicle on site and able to run errands as needed.  To apply, fill out the form below. Application Deadline November 15, 2023

Volunteer Application