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Judy Reinford

Metamorphosis, Horses, Pets and Beyond 

About Judy

Judy Reinford M. Photog., M. Artist, CR., CPP, MAI 

In 1989 Judy graduated from Kutztown University with a BFA in Communication Design and Fine Art Photography. She started working in photography for Hess’s department store right after graduation. She photographed everything from china to jewelry to bed linens. Judy’s interest in pet, equine and zoo photography came about with her interest in PPA print competition. This lead to an interest in fundraising and donating to zoo’s her finished work for Gala silent auctions. She is on the board of The Lehigh Valley Zoo Gala Committee. The importance of animal conservation is a passion of hers. This past year she worked on a calendar project for the LVZ that lead to over $4000 in donation money for the zoo. Her studio specializes in pet and equine photography. On location or in the studio. Offering digital mixed media paintings and fairytale composites of both pets and people. Horses has become a recent passion over the past 3 years. Judy started horse back riding again as an adult the summer of 2020. Photographing these gentle giants alone or with their owners is a rewarding experience. On the teaching side, her seminars have gained a lot of national attention. Traveling to PPA affiliates and Photography Guild’s across the country. Even small events have had attendees fly in from far away. 


What you'll learn

Level: Photoshop Intermediate to Advanced

We will photograph animals, edit and paint in Photoshop for exceptional fine art finished portraits. 

How to make custom backgrounds and custom Photoshop brushes.

Even if you have taken my class before, there will be new content covered in this class.Each time I speak, I make it unique. This 4-day workshop will include photographing horses and dogs on location and show you how to take the images and turn them into beautiful works of art.


  • Whether you are using these for print competition or not, what do you do with them after that? We will discuss options for your art after the print competition season. 
  • Think outside of the box when it comes to a bad image, don’t delete it. I will show you techniques to fix your image.
  • You CAN change the direction of an animal’s head to be more impactful. (this technique is great for clients’ pets). 
  • How to change the lighting from flat or high noon to studio-looking and directional. 
  • Custom background creation techniques. Easy quick ones and longer more detailed ones. Creating your own custom painted backgrounds. 
  • Painting techniques will be covered but the focus is on the tools used to create amazing changes to a basic image. 
  • First-time painters will get groundwork and experienced painters will be able to run with some new info. 
  • We will learn mixer brush techniques along with freehand brush techniques. 
  • Creating custom Photoshop brushes from your own images to add impact and style.

 A few images will be supplied along with custom-designed brushes by Judy