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Hannah Marie

Build a 6 Figure Headshot Business in 1 Year

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About Hannah

Hannah Marie has taught more than 4,600 photographers to think like business owners, so they can thrive in business and home life. She is the owner of KW Headshots, a multi-six-figure studio focusing solely on business headshots (a structure that compliments her ADHD).

In 2019 Hannah Marie stepped back from educating (high-end family portrait niche) to focus on growing her own family. At the same time, she started to dabble in headshots and by the Fall of 2019, she began cutting back on her family portrait work. By 2021 KW Headshots was a 6-figure headshot studio despite rolling pandemic closures.

You may have seen her at CreativeLive, ImagingUSA, Shutterfest, and Shutter Magazine. She lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband Stefan, and their niece (also) Hannah.

What you'll learn

Build a 6-figure Headshot studio in 1 year

Join Hannah Marie in-person as she gives you the roadmap to build your own $100K headshot studio in a single year.

The best part? Express Headshots are the fastest way to grow a 6-figure studio while maintaining the ultimate in flexibility.

$100K = Shooting only 6 hours (12 images) per week for 10 months. Then rinse and repeat to your desired schedule and income…
$200K = Shoot for three 4-hour days per week for 10 months (be home for school drop off and pickup, field trips, and summer break!)
$775K = Shoot for five 8-hour days per week for 11 months (shoot a full-time schedule, enjoy evenings and weekends, and a month off!)

In this course, you’ll:
-learn the secret sauce Hannah Marie uses to ensure her clients enjoy the experience AND love their headshots
-price yourself to attract the right clients
-watch Hannah Marie shoot & proof a series of Express Headshot sessions; learn her cues, how she connects, poses and lights
-learn Hannah Marie’s proofing strategy that often results in bonus sales
-get hands-on experience shooting headshots & learn how to get great shots in only 3-4 minutes
-receive 1-year action plan for growing from no headshot clients to your first 100K in 12 months

If you are ready to kickstart your journey towards owning a 6-figure headshot studio while maintaining the ultimate in flexibility this is the course you’ve been looking for.