Teresa Porter

Building a Senior Portrait Business You Love

About Teresa

What started as an 8k annual grossing, kitchen-table-and-Lazy-Boy-Recliner-Studio is now a full-time, 6-figure studio that is the full-time employment for wife and husband team Teresa and Justin Porter. Teresa is a TEDx speaker, In Person Sales Evangelist, and the happiest photographer in North Carolina on a mission to show your uniqueness, worth, and potential, like only a friend can. My Friend Teresa Studios is a portrait studio in Downtown Cary, North Carolina. They focus on high school senior portraits, executives, and families; and a dedicated videographer creates behind the scenes videos for their most sought after session experience. In addition to photography, Teresa teaches other entrepreneurs how to create and sell their best work through the group Business Mastery with Teresa Porter. Teresa also knows the rap break in TLC’s Waterfalls but now I’m just bragging.

What you'll learn

As the last moments of childhood become the first moments of adulthood – you are there to make it all last forever. The senior portrait business is uniquely positioned to push you creativity, fulfill you personally, and offer stability through changing trends and economic environments. Warning: After this week you won’t want to photograph anything else, ever again, ever. And if at the end of our time together if you aren’t head over heels in love with senior portraits, you can apply everything to your favorite genre of portrait photography.

We have four days together to master one topic: building a profitable senior business that is uniquely yours so you can love your job and it can love you back. You will learn how to build a business from the ground up – starting with the structure of your business all the way through selling and installing artwork.

What will make our time together unique? Guided creative time to process the volume of information, practical senior shoots with learning objectives, and practice for all of the hard conversations.

Are you a planner that wants more details? I’ve got you.

Monday: Intention, mindset, understanding your customer and deciding the structure of your business. Hands-on posing practice.

Tuesday: Building the creative vision for your session and your sale. Hands-on studio and on-location lighting practice.

Wednesday: Developing your client experience start to finish and marketing your business to meet the clients who will love you most. Hands-on creative senior session with powder, smoke, water, and/or light painting.

Thursday: lead calls, giving quotes, running sales meetings, and every dreaded conversation in between.