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Cory Powell

Simple ads that work

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About Cory

Cory Powell is owner of Booked Without Burnout, an advertising agency and virtual assistant service for photographers looking to scale their business beyond six figures while working part time hours.

After mentoring dozens of photographers one-on-one from all over the world, Cory realized that so many photographers work way too hard for little payoff… that they don’t have a clear system to generate consistent leads or when they do book in clients, they get overwhelmed and the next month their business goes from feast to famine.

Using his experience from running his own photography studio for nearly 15 years and his experience running and creating ad campaigns for photography studios of all levels, Cory created a simple and easy-to-manage ads system so any photographer can create a loyal and engaged fan base regardless of their experience running ads.

What you'll learn

Tired to Thriving: Simple Ads for Photographers That Actually Work

Learn how to scale your portrait photography business without burnout by using this simple ads system. This course is tailored specifically for portrait and wedding photographers who want to create and manage Google and social media ads on their own (*ahem* no need to hire an ad agency).

You will learn how to:
-Create an advertising budget without breaking the bank
-Create ads your ideal clients are actually excited to see
-Nurture leads and outperform your competition using a simple retargeting method
-Identify where your best clients are coming from
-Read advertising jargon so you can do more of what’s working and save money