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East Coast School Survey for 2025 planning

As the East Coast School Committee prepares for 2025, your input is invaluable in shaping the upcoming year’s plans. We want to create the optimal learning environment and experience for you. Your participation in this survey, which will only take approximately 5 minutes, will greatly contribute to creating something truly spectacular! Thank you so much for helping give us direction on how to make East Coast School to continue to grow!

East Coast School Survey

PPNC Members and Friends, As we make plans for East Coast School 2025 and beyond, we’d like your input. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey, making note that these questions are about the overall school experience, not a particular instructor. At the end of the form, we have asked for your top three picks for instructors since we know that can also be important and a determining factor to attendees. The topics are equally as important and this survey is designed to dig deep to give us a better understanding as we move East Coast School forward and continue to make it the best experience we can for all attendees.

Have you attended any other week-long photography schools? Check all that apply.
Considering ECS, what kinds of topics would you like to see taught, what genre of photography most interests you? (chose top 3)
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