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Competition Readiness Program

Starting February 20th, 2024

Are you ready for image competition?

Each year PPNC offers an in-depth 8 part competition readiness program geared towards helping our members understand more about image competition and become stronger competitors.  This class is available to any PPNC member in good standing at no additional cost.  Read  below to learn more about the program and how you can take part


  • To provide a no-pressure introduction to image competition
  • To familiarize members with the 12 Elements
  • To create awareness of the common pitfalls
  • To help participants evaluate their images and help select competition images
  • To familiarize participants with how to subscribe, use and enter competition through printcompetition.com


  • Proper use of sharpening
  • Resizing images
  • Adding a presentation
  • Calibrating monitor/monitor settings
  • Posing of subjects in their genre
  • Photographic expectations in their genre


Prework: Watch video on the 12 elements.

Feb 20: Session 1: Intro to Image Comp and to this project.

Homework: Select 2-3 images for comp to be reviewed at next class. Submit prior to next class.

Feb 27: Session 2: Common pitfalls. Describe the 20 most-common mistakes. Guide participants through a self-critique of their images.

Homework: Listen to a live competition or to audio critiques of other images.

March 5: Session 3: Discussion about expectations in different genres: Wedding, portrait, macro, landscape, children/babies, etc.

Homework: Using new image or one of their sample images, process from original file, keeping pitfalls in mind.

March 12: Session 4: Presentation on sharpening, sizing, and monitor calibration.

Homework: Take a new photo in their desired competition genre, process it and submit prior to class.

March 19: Session 5: Methods for adding a presentation to a competition image. Post processing techniques by request.

Homework: Watch video on how to add presentation. Add a presentation to an image.

March 26: Session 6: Work with mentors in small groups.

Homework: Begin taking and/or processing 2-3 photographs for mock competition/scored critique.

April 2: Session 7: Review. Learn the process of how to enter image competition on printcompetition.com. Other topics will be based on participant needs.

Homework: Continue taking and/or processing 2-3 photographs for mock competition/scored critique.


April 9: Session 8: Image evaluation session with scores and commentary by PPA-approved jurors and/or jurors-in-training.



Meet your instructor

Chris Richman

Chris Richman is an award-winning photojournalist and fine art photographer, with awards from the NC Press Association, Carolina Nature Photography Association, the Professional Imaging Group of Eastern North Carolina (PIGOENC- PPA local affiliate), the Professional Photographers of North Carolina (PPNC- state affiliate) and the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), including 2016-2022 PPA Photographer of the Year (2021 Diamond POY), PPA Imaging Excellence Medallion and the PPNC 2018 & 2019 PPNC Photographer of the Year. She received the 2019 PPNC Service Award and the 2022 National Award.

Her twenty years as a senior research scientist, her decades of teaching and leadership in the informal science education arena and her years of editorial sports and event photography give her an eye for precision, composition and story-telling. In addition to coaching photographers through personal photography projects, Chris is a mentor, a frequent speaker, offers photo critiques and juries competitions for photography associations at both the professional and amateur levels. She is a PPA Approved Juror and participates on jury panels for PPA Local and State Affiliate image competitions.

She holds the PPA Master of Photography, Master Artist and Craftsman degrees, the Imaging Excellence Medallion and the Certified Professional Photographer designation. She holds the Fellowship of Photography degree from PPNC. She is a member of The Image Salon, The Professional Imaging Group of Eastern NC, The Professional Photographers of NC, The Professional Photographers of America and the American Society of Photographers.