Annual Image Competition

Image by Aurora DeLuca

PPA’s quality photographic competitions provides invaluable opportunities to put your skills to the test and if you become a PPA member, earn merit points toward your degree! Also, it’s open to the public, so anyone can enter!

The process starts in your own community with a state and local competition, then moves on to districts and the International Photographic Competition (IPC) and culminates at Imaging USA with the Grand Imaging Awards ceremony (free and open to all!) and a potential placement in the esteemed PPA Loan Collection.

By participating, you gift yourself the chance to hone your craft and see how you stack up against other talented photographers. And while entering a competition might seem daunting at first, it’s one of the best, most rewarding experiences you’ll have as a professional – and as an artist.

So, start pushing yourself to Be More! To explore photo competitions with PPA, start here:

Details | How to Enter

Early Registration: (through 3/2 at 11pm) $20
Late Registration: (through 3/9 at 11pm) $25
Critiques: $15 – Must be ordered prior to 3/28

Images must be  uploaded at 4000 pixels on the long edge, quality 10, in JPG format and either in sRGB or Adobe 1998 color space.

Although an unlimited number of entries are technically allowed, we ask that each participant try to limit their number of entries to 12 images. An album counts as one entry.


Live judging begins on March 11th at 9am and can be viewed at  

You must have a Print account in order to enter.  Standard membership is $12 per year or Premium is $16 per quarter.

Image By Andrew Bowen

Categories and Awards

Each subcategory below will be awarded a 1st, 2nd, 3rd place trophy as well as Ribons for Honorable Mention.


Pets & Animals
High School Senior


Fine Art/Pictorial


Bride or Groom Alone
Wedding Candid



Master Artist



Photographer of the Year

Awarded to PPNC entrant with the highest case score total. A case shall consist of an entrants top 6 images

President's Award

Recognizes new PPNC members (less than 2 years) with the  highest case average score.  A case shall consist of an entrants top 6 images.

Best of Show

This award represents the best of the best of PPNC.  Judges will choose from each categories 1st place winners.

CPP Award

Recognizes the highest scoring image or album from a Certified Professional Photographer.

Monochrome Award

Awarded to the judges favorite monochrome image regardless of category.  Special consideration will be given to the final result of the black and white conversion and how well it works with the image.

ASP Award

The State Elite Award is to be presented to the ASP member for the highest scoring entry at their state competition.  They must be an active PPA and ASP member to be eligible.

Meet Our 2022 Competition Judges

Thom Rouse

Thom Rouse began his career as a portrait and wedding photographer in 1994. Based near Chicago, he now divides his time between commercial, fine art and commissioned fine art images with his clients as the central subject of his pieces. His conceptual fine art images utilize real world photographs blended and manipulated to create an alternative to real world perception.

Thom holds the PPA Master of Photography degree, the Award of Excellence, the Master of Electronic Imaging degree, and the Photographic Craftsman degree. He is a Fellow in the American Society of Photographers and a member of Camera Craftsman of America. He has 60 PPA loan Collection images and has won the ASP Gold Medallion twice. Thom’s work has been exhibited throughout the United States as well as Canada, China, Japan, Korea, and Europe.

Sam Tarrel

Sam Tarrel, M. Photog. M. Artist. Cr., CPP, DFP-OR is a Fine-Art Portrait and Commercial photographer in Hillsboro, Oregon. A long-time portrait artist, recently Sam has been focused on expanding the commercial side of his business into the drone and aviation industries. He has had the privilege to work with several well-established companies in providing crucial imaging data for ongoing projects, as well as marketing imagery to help define their brand.

Sam is extremely passionate about image competition and his passion for photography is rivaled only by his passion for teaching and educating others. His ultimate goal is always to help each student achieve the most they can in their craft.

He is very active in the Oregon PPA and holds his Certification with PPA. He is an informative and engaging instructor, committed to his industry and colleagues, and his students always come away with a greater understanding and confidence in their work after working with him.

Jessica Robertson

Jessica holds a degree in Art with a Concentration in Photography from Guilford College. She has earned her PPA Masters of Photography, PPA Master Craftsman degree and she is also a PPA Certified Professional Photographer. Jessica has earned her Associate Fellow and Fellow of Photography degrees from the Virginia Professional Photographers Association. Her work has been included in the esteemed PPA Loan Collection eight times and she has been recognized as Professional Photographer of the Year six times. Through her professional affiliations and print competitions, Jessica strives to constantly improve her skills.

Her professional life is balanced with being married to her husband, John and raising their two girls Grace, age 9, and Jaclyn, age 5. A full and busy life for sure! She is grateful for her family and for her ability to build and maintain a sustainable business based on her passion for photography

Phaneedra Gudapati

Phaneendra Gudapati is a portrait artist located in Plano, TX. He is inspired by classical portraiture, paintings by old masters and fashion and loves to create a fusion between fine art and fashion in his work.

PG is a self-confessed “technology junkie” always learning about the art and craft of photography. He loves to develop his imagery using various techniques to bring his artistic vision to life.

PG is PPA Master of Photography, Master of WPPI, PPA Photographic Craftsman, Certified Professional Photographer and Adobe Certified Photoshop Expert.

Nancy Green

Nancy Green Master Photographer, Craftsman, CPP

Nancy is a well-respected portrait/event photographic artist located in Plymouth MA. She has been serving her clients in Plymouth/Carver (and all the surrounding New England states) since 1979. After having several different studio locations, she has planted herself in the very space of her roots. She built a cozy cottage on her property surrounded by beautiful flowers in the summer. The magical feeling of the space puts a smile on anyone’s face.

Nancy has been competing in PPA photographic competitions since 1976 and has received many awards of distinction. She is an approved juror for PPA, is the Vice Chairman on the Jurors Excellence Committee and also serves on the PPA Council. Nancy is continually active not only on a national level but also with her state organization, PPAM, of which she is past president. In addition to her photographic achievements, Nancy has been recognized with PPA National Awards from both Professional Photographers of Massachusetts and Vermont Professional Photographers. In 2018, she was given the PPA, Buddy Stewart Award in recognition of her humanitarian work.

Striving to be her best self in all she does, Nancy believes all her accomplishments are made possible because of the many friends that have helped guide her through the years.
Her professional life is balanced with being married to her husband, John and raising their two girls Grace, age 9, and Jaclyn, age 5. A full and busy life for sure! She is grateful for her family and for her ability to build and maintain a sustainable business based on her passion for photography