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Lisa Thompson

Brandfluence: Ambassadors as the Face of your Business 


About The Speaker

Lisa is a full time photographer at THOMPSON photography+design.  Lisa and Darren started photography as a business 17 years ago while working in the Cheer and Dance industry producing events all over the United States.  Graphic Design has always been a passion of Lisa’s and Darren loved photography so starting a business to include both was an easy transition. Tp+d focuses on High School senior photography along with dance, sports, events, and head shots. 

Posing and working with clients comes very easy for Lisa since her background is full of dance, cheer, gymnastics and choreography.  This strength comes from knowing how each part of the body moves and literally ‘choreographing’ the posing and positions of people in relation to each other.  Lisa continues to learn the technical parts of photography that will then compliment her strengths.   

 Lisa and Darren live in Fayetteville with their 17 year old son, Landen while the other two children Ragan and Tate enjoy an adventurous life in Texas and Utah respectively.




What you'll learn

Think differently about Model/Ambassador programs!  Join me for an exciting and comprehensive class focused on creating dynamic brand ambassador programs across various photography genres. All Tp+d Ambassador programs start with a head shot session…learn why in this BONUS content!  

Key Highlights: 

  • Brand Ambassador Programs: Gain insights into the world of brand ambassadorship and how it can elevate your photography. Together we will design a campaign for your business for 2024 that will turn clients into marketing partners! 
  • ‘Get Acquainted’ Headshot Sessions: Everyone needs a great head shot! Use this introductory session to get to know your client and allow them to experience your personality and style!  Understand the nuances of working with different age groups and tailoring your approach to achieve stunning and unexpected portraits your clients will want to show everyone.   
  • Posing and Shooting Techniques: During live demo, learn what methods work best when photographing specifically in a quick ‘mini’ session. 
  • Retouching Demonstrations: My retouching workflow combines Lightroom and Photoshop.  I will take you through preview image and final retouching techniques.  I always learn from seeing others’ editing techniques so I hope you will learn at least one thing as you join in on the editing!   

Note: Please bring your computer and anything you use for retouching (i.e. Wacom tablet).  I will have models to photograph either during class or in the evening shooting bays (TBD) so bring your camera and trigger (will be using Godox AD600 studio lighting).