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Emerson McArthur

 Light Direction That Captures Moments and Shapes Moods

About The Speaker

In my ten-year photography career, I’ve journeyed worldwide, from Hong Kong’s alleys to Switzerland’s lush highlands. These travels taught me that photography transcends beyond mere shutter clicks; it’s about encapsulating transient moments and eternalizing feelings.

My enthusiasm isn’t limited to photography itself. Educated by some of the field’s kindest experts, I equally enjoy sharing my knowledge. I’ve guided many aspiring photographers, aiding their skill refinement and helping them find their distinct style. 

I hold a strong belief in the power of resilience, a quality that has supported me through tough assignments, embracing portraiture, and the dynamic nature of photography. Each obstacle has enriched my narrative and
enhancing my appreciation for this craft that led to worldwide explorations.

When away from the camera or teaching,
I’m often immersed in local meetups, engaging with others, and uncovering untold stories. For me, each day is a chance to learn, educate, and create

What you'll learn

This program will delve into the intricacies of light, an essential element in photography. Light can shape the mood of an image, enhance the emotions of a portrait, or determine the atmosphere of a landscape. Mastering light can significantly elevate the quality of your images. This course will focus on both the science and the art of light in photography and will incorporate hands-on practice, theoretical lessons, and post-production techniques if time allows. 

  • Lecture 
  • Demo 
  • Hands-on