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Chris Richman

The Power of Personal Project Photography

About The Speaker

Chris Richman is an award-winning photojournalist and fine art photographer. Her photographs have appeared in numerous publications and have won awards from many associations, including 7 PPA and 2 PPNC POY awards. 

Her years as a senior research scientist, as a leader in the informal science education arena and as an editorial sports/event photography give her an eye for precision, composition and story-telling. Her favorite things are coaching photographers in personal projects, being a juror, teaching the Image Competition Readiness class, being a mentor and watching her students grow as photographers. 

She holds the PPA Master of Photography, Master Artist and Craftsman degrees; the Imaging Excellence Medallion; and the PPNC Fellowship of Photography. She is a CPP and a PPA Approved Judge, a member of The Image Salon, The Professional Imaging Group of Eastern NC, The Professional Photographers of NC, The Professional Photographers of America and the American Society of Photography 


What you'll learn

Take your photography to a new place! Find Inspiration! Develop a new revenue stream! Learn new skills! Get out of a rut! Accomplishing a personal project is a powerful way to build on the photography practice that you already have. You will see how to create a personal project that will suit your own needs and will contribute to your personal growth as a photographer. 
In this workshop, you will discover the tools to create a personal project to elevate yourself and your photography. Participants will practice how to uncover their passions and put curiosity to good use. We will explore the kinds of projects that might inspire you through brainstorming and by walking through successful case studies. Hands-on activities may help you clear out some preconceived notions that get in the way. 
Together, we will build a road map for how to get started, where to find resources, how to get past the roadblocks, how to identify new opportunities, how to determine the kind of output that you will target, and how you will know when you get there! 
By the end of the session, each participant will have everything they need to build his/her own personal photography project plan. Let’s do this!