Arthur L. Rainville

Creating from your Shadow Self

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About Speaker

“There are many prophets who bang the drum loudly. Arthur Levi Rainville has quietly set an illustrious stage with his work and his teachings for half a century.  He wields his lens with the ardor of a great portrait painter.  It has been said, ‘…he deserves the bravissimo afforded a maestro.”  “Arthur is the official ‘soulful philosopher’ of our art world!”
 – S. Cohen, SC University

“…Rainville will be known for his significant contributions as a pioneer in the societal aspects of the visual arts.  His work, his tutelage, have impacted many an artist, given rise to a new generation of sensitive creators.”
-M. Peabody

Arthur Levi Rainville, M.Photog., Cr, CPP, API, Emotive Visualist has been creating stunning photographs and paintings drenched in atmosphere, drowned in romanticism, for over 50 years. With his life’s work being displayed in museums and private collections on three continents; he has been touted as, “the Poet Lauréate of Photography and Art, one of the most sensitive, artists of our time.”

He is widely known for his muted, granular color work.  Refinements of this life’s passion led to his lyrical, quixotic Mansuesco style.  Defying a definable formula, Mansuesco, much like Impressionism, is a plurality of looks.  At its essence, a sentimental subject, ambiguity of spirit, wrapped in subtle intrigue.  An innate quality of light coupled with a compositional choreography is akin to his intimate signature style.  

He is the 2019 recipient of the PPA International Helen K Yancy Lifetime Achievement Accolade, only the twelfth such award bestowed by PPA in its 150-year history.  From a membership of 40,000 in 64 countries, the honor is presented to an individual who by their gracious sharing of talents has bequeathed to the art of photography an achievement of distinguished service of far-reaching value.  

In the world of art, he is the founder of the KenZen school of visualization, an old-world new-world study of primal aesthetics, an inward practice of seeing and creating.  Utilizing sensory life experiences as tools to mastering more personal art, KenZen is the bridge between technical and spiritual artistry.

Photographer Arthur Rainville Shoots a Studio Portrait with Tamron – YouTube

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What you'll learn

There’s so much more to you.  Hidden secrets waiting for their awakening… to make authentic work, take your efforts to a unique, marketable niche.  Join our profession’s resident sage, Arthur Levi Rainville for a program unlike any other.  Yes, you need the classical skills of lighting, posing, composing, the contemporary marketing and business essentials.  But to grow to a place that you can tout as your own, rise above the masses, please yourself…you need to journey within.

Arthur has been touting the Art & Heart message for 50 years to image makers across the country.  But everything that’s old is new again… he’ll trot out an un-state-of-the-art Renaissance approach to creating that the world can’t do on their cell phones. He’ll share thoughts from his forthcoming book; KenZen – the Art of Reflective Creating…unconventional concepts for making more personal, rarified work.  From Primal Aesthetics to soul-searching connectivity skills, unheralded lighting techniques, unique artistic aesthetics, and an innovative connectivity, he will share an array of neo-digital era impressions. We will delve into the realm of Isolationism, Pith Realism, Suggestivism and Invisibilism…all will add an eloquent dimension to any photography.  In live sessions, Arthur will explore the alchemy of Sfumato atmospheric lighting, the soul of Tenebrism, and the later sophistication of Tonalism.  Private commission business concepts of Artisan Trust will be a unifier.  And he’ll demonstrate the photojournalistic dégagé approach of subject bonding.  Emotional highs, shaking lows, this program will charge your creative spirit like no other.

In the After-Glow session, Arthur will engage us in a Push-Me-Pull-You of ideas that are relevant, meaningful to just you.  Be Prepared !  You WILL leave this day changed forever.