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Unmesh Dinda

Demystifying Photoshop for Photographers: Start to Finish & Beyond
Thursday July 18th 9am-5pm & Friday July 19th 9am-5pm

Unmesh Dinda, Photoshop workshop, North Carolina, PixImperfect

About Speaker

Unmesh Dinda is a passionate Photoshop instructor and content creator. He embarked on his Photoshop adventure at just eight years old when his family got their first computer, thanks to his Dad. This early start turned Photoshop into a creative outlet for him, almost like playing a video game, where he experimented with photos taken with his Dad’s simple point-and-shoot camera. Unmesh now runs a popular YouTube channel, “PiXimperfect,” dedicated to simplifying Photoshop techniques, educating creatives, and exploring the art of post-processing. So far, he’s put together over 940 tutorials, building a community of 4.9 million YouTube subscribers and over a million Instagram followers. His work has caught the eye of major brands like Adobe, Wacom, and Nvidia and has been featured on platforms like Fstoppers and PetaPixel. As a speaker, Unmesh has shared his knowledge at events like the Adobe MAX Conference and Photoshop World, always with the aim of making Photoshop fun and accessible to everyone. 

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What you'll learn

This class is designed to be taken as a one day class, Thursday July 18th, or two day combo class Thursday July 18th and Friday July 19th.

Discover the unlimited power of Photoshop and transform your photography with this comprehensive 1 or 2-day workshop. Designed to demystify Photoshop’s vast capabilities, this session is tailored for photographers at all levels. Whether you’re navigating the basics or ready to delve into retouching, compositing, or color grading, this workshop promises to elevate your approach to post processing.

Day 1: Building a Solid Foundation 

Dive into the essentials of Photoshop with a focus on intermediate concepts that lay the groundwork for advanced editing. Day 1 is perfect for those looking to enhance their understanding and efficiency in Photoshop. This is extremely important if Photoshop looks intimidating or complex to you. 

What You’ll Learn on Day 1: 

  • Mastering Core Techniques: Master crucial adjustments, delve into the art of retouching, and explore the basics of color grading to elevate your photos from flat to fantastic! 
  • Accelerating Your Workflow: Discover time-saving hacks and batch processing to streamline your editing process, making more room for creativity, clients, and personal time. 
  • Creative Exploration: Begin your journey into creative compositing and learn how to add simple yet effective special effects to enhance your portraits. 

 Special for Beginners: Never opened Photoshop before? No problem! We provide pre-session resources to get you up to speed, ensuring you’re ready to dive in from day one. This workshop is crafted to ensure no one is left behind, making Photoshop accessible and enjoyable for everyone. 

Day 2: Mastering Advanced Techniques for Professional Grade Results 

Building on Day 1’s foundation, Day 2 propels you into advanced cutting-edge Photoshop features and techniques. This day is ideal for those eager to explore high-end retouching, complex compositing, and innovative uses of AI in photography. 

What You’ll Learn on Day 2:  

  • Advanced Editing Skills: Elevate your editing with high-end retouching techniques, delve deeper into color grading, and master the intricacies of sophisticated compositing to create standout portraits.  
  • Lighting and Special Effects: Experiment with advanced lighting effects and harness the power of Photoshop to craft images that captivate and mesmerize.  
  • Embracing AI: Learn ways to integrate AI into your professional workflow, ensuring you stay ahead of the game.  
  • Tackling Real-World Challenges: Gain the confidence to solve common photographic issues, ensuring every image you produce is of the highest quality. 

One thing is guaranteed. If you go through this workshop and the resources with dedication, Photoshop will never look intimidating to you. Instead of looking complex, you will perceive Photoshop as a friend, an ally, to help you create beautiful photos.