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Susan Eckert

Boudoir – Storytelling through Purposeful Posing
Friday, July 19th 9am-5pm
Susan Eckert Boudoir Photographer Professional Photographers of NC

About Speaker

Susan Eckert was featured in Newsday as the first boudoir photography studio on Long Island in New York with her mission of “Illuminating the Power of the Feminine.” 

She’s spoken at Imaging USA 2x. And in 2016, Focal Press published her book Body & Soul which is considered by many to be a leading resource on empowering women through boudoir. 

Her tagline–“Elegant. Tasteful. Empowering.”–draws women who aim beyond “just the pretty picture” and who align with her vision of telling their stories through the imagery they co-create. Every step of her process is designed to empower the client through the high-end photography she provides.

In addition to her photography client work, Susan also launched a coaching business where she moves beyond her “Body & Soul” work to address women’s development “Mind & Soul.”

After 20 years experience, Susan offers portfolio reviews and coaching to emerging photographers looking to solidify their vision, distinctive branding, and higher-ticket offerings. 





What you'll learn

Participants of Storytelling through Purposeful Posing will learn: 

  1. The importance and benefits of storytelling through boudoir.
  2. How to elevate the perceived value of & commitment to the photography process by inviting clients to engage in a process of co-creation. 
  3. How to tell each client’s story through purposeful posing. 
  4. 10 posing mistakes and how to correct them. 
  • Lecture 
  • Demo 
  • Hands-on