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Justin Grafton

Elevate your Photography Game

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About The Speaker

Justin Grafton is a Clatsop County native with a passion for creating breathtaking photographs and films, inspired by his Oregon roots. With two decades of construction experience and over a decade of experience traveling and photographing across the US, Mexico, Croatia, and France, he is an expert in capturing images that showcase the beauty of places near and far. As a residential and commercial real estate photographer and videographer across the Pacific NW, Justin creates stunning documentaries for local non-profits, leadership groups, destination weddings, and more; always aiming to masterfully capture perfect images without relying on advanced post production techniques. Nature and light provide him with all the inspiration he needs to bring his creative vision to life.


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What you'll learn

1. The Art of Working Smarter, Not Harder.
Attendees will learn how to streamline their workflow, optimize time management, and make every click count. Whether it’s post-processing techniques or client interactions, Justin’s insights will empower photographers to work smarter and achieve better results.

2. From Construction to Composition
Justin’s unconventional path—from construction sites to capturing breathtaking landscapes—reveals that creativity knows no boundaries. He’ll discuss how his background influences his compositions, storytelling, and unique perspective. Attendees will discover that inspiration can strike anywhere, even amidst concrete and steel.

3. Global Adventures: Lessons from the Field
Justin’s award-winning photography has taken him across continents. From the bustling streets of Dubrovnik to the serene landscapes of Hawaii, he’s honed his craft in diverse environments. Expect tales of adventure, cultural nuances, and practical tips for shooting in unfamiliar terrain. Justin’s experiences will ignite wanderlust and inspire attendees to explore beyond their comfort zones.

4. The Business Side of Art
Photography isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s also a business. Justin’s thriving photography studio is proof. He’ll delve into pricing strategies, client acquisition, marketing, and building lasting relationships. Attendees will gain insights into turning their passion into a sustainable livelihood.

Justin Grafton’s conversation at the Carolina Photo Expo promises to be enlightening, relatable, and peppered with anecdotes that resonate with photographers at all stages of their careers. So, grab your camera, open your mind, and get ready to elevate your photography game with Justin’s wisdom.

Remember, it’s not about the gear—it’s about the vision behind the lens.