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Gregory & Lesa Daniel

Selling the Wall Portrait

Gregory and Lesa Daniel, Photography workshop in NC, Professional Photographers of NC, Carolina Photo Expo

About Speaker

Gregory Daniel, Hon. M. Photog. Cr., CPP, F-ASP, and his wife Lesa are portrait artists with a passion for creating timeless, heirloom artwork. For over 40 years, their Titusville, FL studio has produced stunning, emotionally-evocative portraits that capture the uniqueness of each subject. 

Gregory approaches each session as an artist approaches a blank canvas, combining technical mastery with creative vision. His exquisite portraits have earned him a Fellowship with the American Society of Photographers and other top honors. Lesa’s warmth and care for clients is evident in every interaction. 

The Daniels run a tight ship, meticulously planning each session while also seizing momentary inspiration. Their success stems from hard-won wisdom: clarifying their message, designing an exceptional client experience, and developing an effective sales strategy.


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What you'll learn

Join acclaimed portrait artists Gregory and Lesa Daniel as they share insider tips and secrets for building a successful wall portrait business. With over 43 years of experience, the Daniels have honed their processes to create thriving portrait studios. 
In this engaging and interactive program, you’ll learn: 
– How to craft a compelling brand message that attracts clients 
– Tips for designing a standout client experience 
– Steps for developing an effective sales strategy 
The Daniels will provide real-world examples and actionable advice to help you take your portrait business to the next level. You’ll gain practical skills to increase sales and create art that stands the test of time. 
Whether you’re just starting out or looking to improve, Gregory and Lesa will inspire you with their artistic passion and business acumen. Their warmth and genuine care for clients shines through in their portraits and interactions. 
Join the Daniels for this rare opportunity to learn from masters of both artistry and entrepreneurship. You’ll leave energized and equipped to grow your business and share your creative gifts.