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Gary Hughes

Volume Headshot Master Class

Gary Hughes workshop

About Speaker

As the child of photographer parents, it is ironic that Gary Hughes’s professional life included everything but photography until life led him back to the path for which he was ultimately destined, photographer. In 2008, he and his wife, Julie, founded Hughes Fioretti Photography, and, in the years since, have grown their business by making a name for themselves as THE place to get headshots in Central Florida. 
Aside from running a studio in Winter Park, FL, Gary is also in demand as a photography educator and travels often, teaching his methods to photographers all over the world. His main focus as an instructor is to empower photographers to create the type of business that sets them free to live the kind of life they want. 
Gary’s work has been featured in publications like Forbes, Rolling Stone, and Guitar World, while his educational articles have appeared in Professional Photographer, PetaPixel, Huffington Post, and Canon Learning.




What you'll learn

Do you ever notice the photographers posting all those big headshot jobs on social media and wonder, how do they get that kind of work? How do they pull it off? Or maybe you’ve done some team and event headshots and you want to book more of it and refine your process. This is a workshop you do NOT want to miss. 

Gary Hughes and his team shoot 7,000 headshots a year, and he is going to spend a full day telling you exactly how he pulls it off. 

In this full day workshop you’ll learn: 

Creating a B2B brand that businesses will respond to 
Crafting a website that will convert big leads into clients 
Marketing methods to bring in big clients 
How to bid for, book, and onboard corporate clients 
Shooting, organizing, and delivering team and event headshots (LIVE SHOOT) 
How to KEEP your clients once you have them 

This is an incredible opportunity to learn from a photographer who is booking and shooting this work on a daily basis. You will get real answers to the important questions and zero fluff. Find out how to get organized, make more money, thrill your clients, and grow your business in a single day of education. 

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  • Hands on