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Gary Box

Sales, converting photos into dollars 

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About The Speaker

Gary’s hobby was photography and he spent so much money on it, he decided he needed to start charging people. So in 1989, he opened his first storefront studio. 34 years and 17K clients later it still blows his mind. 

Although mostly known for high school seniors, Gary’s studio covers the range of portrait offerings including families, children, boudoir and business headshots.

He built up a pretty high volume studio with over 1100 sessions a year and realized he was working entirely too hard for what he was making and started refining the business aspects and now does 200-250 sessions a year, but at much higher averages. Working from a small town in Oklahoma, He currently averages $4300 per senior. 

Now that he doesn’t have to work as hard, he devotes more time to helping others see the light in this business. 


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What you'll learn

Gary believes you don’t have to be a starving artist. He is passionate about selling and helping others learn the art. After all, it doesn’t matter how great your photography is if you can’t convert it to dollars.
Gary covers the precursors to selling as well as smart pricing structures. Then he will walk you through the process that he uses to sell multiple pieces of wall art to most of his clints and a technique for selling albums that can increase your average album sale by $400-$800! You will walk away with the tools to greatly increase your average order. Do fewer sessions, make the same or more money.