Jeff Wenzel

Creative Portraits with Gels

About Speaker

Jeff Wenzel started in photography by accident. His hobby for the past 20+ years has been building and flying radio-controlled airplanes. He always wanted to mount a GoPro on the wing and take some aerial pictures of beautiful Topsail Island. After never getting that done and seeing Sam’s Club had a black Friday sale on a DJI drone, he started off on his photography journey in 2015 by accident. 

Initially self-taught through “YouTube University”, he learned the basics of photography by watching videos and trying to emulate other photographers he admired. Jeff owns and operates Above Topsail, a complete imaging company just off of Topsail in Holly Ridge, NC. Jeff has a passion for teaching. His goal is to raise the level of photography and business for creatives. 

Jeff is married to Lindsay and has two children, Deacon (12) and Natalie (8). Jeff’s hobbies include pickleball and being the mayor of Holly Ridge, NC.

What you'll learn

Georgia O’Keefe said, “I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way.” As photographers, we want our pictures to SPEAK to our audience. But it can be tricky to add color in a tasteful way. Like too much salt in a dish, too much color can ruin a beautiful photo. I’ll teach you my techniques for adding colors to portraits in-camera that can be further enhanced in post. Techniques to be demonstrated include:

  • OCF Gels to add color
  • Constant Lights to add color