Leslie Spurlock

Covering History and Dying Cultures

About Speaker

Photojournalist for Zuma Press, photographer, storm chaser, and humanitarian, Leslie Spurlock, talented and gifted photographer has been capturing stunning pictures across the globe. With her unique style and one of a kind shots she is captivating audiences all over the world.

With 21 years of experience Leslie is bold with her pictures and capturing the world through her eyes. She has covered stories all over the world from the USA, to the Amazon, and Haiti taking breathtaking pictures wherever she goes.

Leslie has a true talent and is very gifted and can capture truth, beauty, and the heart of humanity across the globe with her candid shots. 

She got started in her photojournalism career when she decided to make a bold move and go to Haiti to do some documentary work. By 2004 she was supposed to go to Haiti for Carnval but the uprising happened and that’s when she decided to listen to her calling and embarked on her career into photojournalism. She ended up living with the rebels and covering the uprising.




What you'll learn

We will be discussing how to get into photojournalism and tell the story, along with the dangers one might encounter, things to look out for in terms of traveling and what that entails as well as  how to submit to magazines, newspapers and other news outlets..

We will also be discussing documentary photography and covering indigenous cultures.