Rhea Whitney

Part time to full time

About Speaker

Rhea Whitney is a business coach, speaker and wedding photographer for the chic, modern couple and creative + educator for rising pro photographers who want to run a profitable photography business. In less than 10 years, Rhea has consistently driven her business to six figures by putting client service first, establishing a constant brand presence, collaborating with top vendors and sponsors + implementing strategic marketing that works!

Recently, Rhea was named one of the world’s top wedding photographers of 2020 by BRIDES magazine; and has also been featured in many other national publications. To date, Rhea has spoken and shot all over the world, helped over 100+ creatives build a revenue-generating business through 1:1 coaching + her digital education platform PhotoBomb PhotoBomb Academy™; and has been featured on over five of the top business and photography podcasts in the nation.



What you'll learn

Going full-time as a photographer and creative business owner takes a well thought out plan and proven strategies that work! In my talk, I will share what I suggest every photographer considers before taking the big leap into full time entrepreneurship, using my own real life stories I’ve experienced over the years. No more winging it after this session!

Do you have a desire in your heart to take your business full-time but feel unprepared on what you need to do to prepare for that? With a large majority of professional photographers being part time, the flexible schedule and freedom of being a full-time entrepreneur can be appealing, but the inconsistent income prevents most people from taking that jump. However, going full time can lead to flourishing growth for your business and potentially create income opportunities where the sky’s the limit. Before taking the scary jump into full-time entrepreneurship, my class is going to give you actionable items to work on in your business to have the longevity you desire. 

I will do this through: 

  • Helping you understand your business from a big-picture stand point
  • Ensuring that you understand the need to have a clear pricing strategies for your offer
  • Identifying what your specific niche is and what makes you feel the most creative and valued
  • Help you to start to think like a full-time entrepreneur