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John Branch

Steps to less stress (confidence) for every wedding day 

About the Speaker

John Branch IV is a Wedding Photographer and Youtube Content Creator. After nearly 8 years of wedding photography in the NYC and Raleigh, NC area John quickly began teaching what he has learned to newer wedding photographers to overall help the caliber of photographers in the wedding industry.

A Fujifilm X-Photographer and RF 30 Rising Star winner John looks to take his years of experience and use it to help grow other’s businesses and show them they can have life-changing results with their photography. 





What you'll learn

I will be talking about the steps photographers can take to create less stress for themselves during a wedding day. While our shooting techniques matter, there are a handful of things you can do before your weddings and during your wedding days that will lead to extremely smooth and comfortable weddings for you and your couples. And the more comfortable you are the better your images will be. With this course photographers should receive crucial tips, processes, and mindset shifts that will create a better since of control and confidence we they step foot into a wedding venue. The biggest 3 takeaways from this course will be 

  •  Pre-wedding prep and communication for less stress 
  • During the day of tips for less stress 
  • Typical situations and how to combat them.