Megan Dipiero

The Niche Down Fallacy

About The Speaker

Megan DiPiero is known as Southwest Florida’s go-to for Headshot and Beauty Portrait Photography. Her dynamic award-winning work and acclaimed teaching style have elevated her to an international speaking platform and global following. She is an industry wide authority on headshots. 

Megan has been on a mission to create not just perfect portraits, but remarkable experiences as well. Her contemporary style and service-focused approach have distinguished Megan as the favorite choice for clients who want exceptional images. “I use a process that gets great results and it works for everyone. Yes, you are beautiful!”   

Megan DiPiero is also a successful business coach for Photographers. Most photographers don’t realize when they turn pro how completely overwhelming running a business can be. They quickly find themselves neck-deep in to-do lists, always feeling behind, and with little time and energy left for family and friends. Meanwhile, their bank account tells a grim tale… there’s not much to show for all that hard work. 

It turns out that running a successful photography business has less to do with photography and more to do with mastering pricing, sales, and marketing. Megan has cracked the code. She has the experience and systems photographers need to turn things around quickly and start making money that matters. Megan DiPiero and her team set photographers up for success—through coaching and community—to build thriving businesses in any market! 

Megan DiPiero has earned her CPP and Craftsman through PPA

What you'll learn

Course Description: One small and simple misunderstanding may be all that’s standing between you and unleashed success.

Nothing is more frustrating than pouring your heart and soul into what you do and coming up short on your financial goals. The hive mind says: “do what you love and success will follow” and “riches are in the niches.” So why hasn’t specializing earned you the full calendar and raving fans you deserve?

The simple truth:

The experts got it wrong.

In this disruptive program, Megan will challenge the prevailing wisdom and show you how to expand to win! Selling more does not mean selling out. You can do what you love and uncover hidden money-making talents that are well within your wheelhouse. You’ll discover how to quit contracting and controlling and instead open up to more! More clients, more bookings, and the full calendar you’ve always dreamed of.