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Angela Daly

Beginner Portrait Painting in Photoshop

About Speaker

Energetic, focused, driven. Five kids, 26 years full-time psychology professor, Master Artist, Master Photographer, Master Craftsman and Certified Professional Photographer, Angela is definitely focused.

Angela owns Heirloom Portraits. Currently located in Rocky Mount, NC, she is dedicated to creating classic children’s Painterly Portraiture.


What you'll learn

Have you always wanted to take your photographs farther, make them better, make them special?  Through digital painting, you can enhance photographs to new levels of artistry.  You can turn them into what you and the client WANTED them to be.  

We will learn basic steps in Photoshop, using the tools already available to you, to digitally paint your photograph (or a snapshot from your client!) into something beautiful.  YES YOU CAN LEARN THIS IN ONE DAY! 

I‘m excited to have the opportunity to share what I have learned from others that have led me to earning Merit Awards and Loan Collection Awards in the Artist category in the PPA International Competition.  

So bring yourself, your tablet/stylus, laptop and some images and we’ll have some fun!