Brian Mullins

A deep dive into commercial architectural photography

About Speaker

Brian Mullins has been in business since 2005 where he started his photography career shooting for Cary Magazine. After a short stint photographing various bi-monthly assignments, he was promoted to chief of photography and responsible for all photography needs for the magazine. Food, Product, Architecture, Portraits, Event and Advertising photography were a few of the elements he was tasked to capture – all with an unforgiving editorial deadline looming over each shoot.

Since that time, Brian has continued honing his commercial photography skills for both in-studio shoots as well as in the field. He has worked with local and multinational corporations around the country for varying projects. He relentlessly pushes the technological boundaries using remote camera setups, specialized lighting, 360 tables and HDR techniques to create realistic yet vibrant commercial imagery that proudly represents products, services and events.

What you'll learn

Commercial architectural photography is a demanding pursuit in which control of your lighting, your surroundings and the building is minimal at best. In this deep dive, we will focus on the planning of the shoot, photography & editing techniques, licensing, pricing, NDA’s and all of the elements surrounding the pursuit of high end commercial architecture. In addition to the lecture portion of the class, we will go out and conduct out own architectural shoot at the convention space.

After attending this class, you’ll takeaway the following:

  • Multiple types of shooting techniques for interior & exteriors
  • HDR & Sky replacement techniques
  • Licensing, billing & pricing

You will need your camera, a tripod, wide angle lens and laptop.