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Resource Article Submission

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Resource Article Submission

Thank you for your interest in contributing an article!  Providing the best information to our followers ensures that PPNC will become and remain a trusted resource for professional and aspiring photographers in North Carolina and beyond.

If your article is accepted, it may be used as a blog post, lead magnet, cornerstone content and more.

Your article and all images must be authentic and you must own the copyright to any supported images submitted.  By submitting your article, you agree to give PPNC a limited usage license allowing the organization to use said images in away to promote the article as well as the organization.

How to submit
Complete the submission form below.  The best SEO practices suggest a minimum of 350 words.  We ask that you also submit at least 3-5 supporting images.  Of course if you’re submitting a longer article, more images may be needed.  Please be sure to size your images appropriately as outlined below.

Thank you!
Your PPNC Board

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Article Information

Submit your article text here. A minimum of 350 words educational in nature. Articles should be concise and well written. Think, 5 tips for faster editing, 3 ways to make more money with in person sales..... You must submit a minimum of 3-5 images to support your article. If your article is chosen to be published, we'll notify you via email. All content MUST be original content and cannot be summarized or plagiarized form other online or print sources.

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This is the feature image for your article and must be sized to 1200x628 in order to be displayed properly
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    Article Images

    Your article must contain a minimum of 3-5 supporting images. Images must be 1200px on the long edge at 72dpi. WITH NO LOGOS. Image credit will be given in a way consistent with the website. You can use tinypng.com to reduce the size of your files for free
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    Max. file size: 1 MB, Max. files: 30.
      I authorize that this is original content created by me and I am the owner of all supported images.
      I hereby grant PPNC a limited Usage License to both the content and images submitted. PPNC will be able to use both the content and images in any way as to promote the article and/or organization including but not limited to the website blog, lead magnets, social media, or print mediums. Author credit will be given.
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