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Are you joining us at East Coast School 2023?

Are you counting down the days until East Coast School?

I know I am. This 4-day intensive workshop was designed to immerse attendees in a deep dive learning environment.  Attendees study with one instructor for four full days which allows them to leave with a firm grasp of the topic of instruction.  Courses are designed to be a well-rounded mix of lecture and theory, hands-on learning, as well as solid business principles which means students leave with a wealth of knowledge to help advance their photography skills (and mojo!) to the next level.

Topics of Study at East Coast School 2023

Often, we’re not sure where to start because there is so much to choose from. But take a minute – wait a beat – what’s been getting you down on your photographic journey? What’s been a roadblock? Where do you get most frustrated? What do you wish you knew? If you’re now thinking: there are SO many things, stick with me here as I ask a few questions.

Do you want to increase your business acumen? Does your work feel a little stale, and you need a business refresh? Do you want to share more online to connect with your idea clientele while flexing your creative muscles? Do you want to try something new, pushing yourself out of your current comfort zone? Do you want to refresh what you know, get back to basics, and really hone that skillset? Do you want to create and build a business that you love and that feels authentic? Everything you are seeking is offered at this year’s East Coast School.

Presenters at East Coast School 2023

The real question is that you want to ask yourself right now is: Who – and what – will you study this year?

  • Scott Detweiler is presenting Epic Images that Stand Out
  • Teresa Porter is showing you how to Create a Senior Business You Love
  • David Davies is bringing the heat with F-Stop: Back to the Basics
  • Kimberly Smith is Painting with Photoshop
  • Megan Pettus is sharing Reels, Stories, Tik Tok & more

The Value of East Coast School

The East Coast School is an institution of learning that celebrates small class sizes, dynamic and knowledgeable presenters, as well as community among photographers. This school is all photography in all its dimensions. East Coast School is a professional program in which people are committed to learning and being better tomorrow at what they do today. It is led and taught by photographers who are working in the field and honing their instincts, while sharing their knowledge with others.

The learning at East Coast School is a mixture of theory and hands-on education.

In this age of digital information and changing landscapes, we believe we can find all the answers online. And for the most part we can.  After the last few years, though, my own Zoom fatigue is real. There are so few opportunities today for photographers to meet up and do a deep dive in a small group learning environment where the feedback is coming from an experienced professional in person and in real-time. Don’t we owe it to ourselves to participate in our education? Every time we invest in our own learning, our own education, it enriches us. No one can take that away. How will you invest in yourself and your photography in a way that allows you to flourish and grow?

The value of the East Coast School is in the connections you make, the topics where you choose what to learn, and the refresh it will bring to you as a photographer. Register today.

Your creativity is worth it.

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