PPNC is one of the nation's largest associations of professional photographers.

With over 500 members, we offer our members the best resources, seminars and professional photographic schools. PPNC offers networking opportunities with some of the best professional portrait, wedding, and commercial photographers, not only in North Carolina, but in the United States as well.


Our Mission is to Advance Photographic Imaging as an Art and a Profession.

We are made up of three Guilds: Eastern, Central, and Western. Each guild represents each unique section of our state. All guilds offer a two-day seminar annually, featuring nationally-renowned and local speakers & shoot socials throughout the year to bring the group together.

Our Objectives
1. To advance photography in all of it's branches, both as an art and profession.

2. To create, foster, promote and maintain cordial relations, cooperation and interchange of thought and opinion freely among its members.

3. To oppose violations and infringements of the rights of professional photographers or their organizations.

4. To propose and support legislation favorable to and oppose legislation unfavorable or prejudicial to the interests of Professional photographers.

5. To foster the practical benefits to be derived from professional acquaintanceship, and the discussion of subjects having to do with photography.

6. To create, modify and maintain ethical standards

7. To cooperate with any and all government agencies and departments having to do with the art and/or the profession of photography.